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Darby Brewer is a trusted professional who cares about bringing out the best in others. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and has experience maximizing performance through development and implementation of purpose, design, and talent. Darby specializes in understanding the needs are for a person or organization. He has an ability to implement solutions to get the right results. 

In his 25 years of experience, he has served as Captain in the United States Army, trained soldiers, planned missions, developed leaders. and implemented synergy of networks and resources. He is a recipient of US Army Meritorious Service Medal. He was a General Manager for Rollover Ltd., where he implemented strategies, structure, and programs that improved costs, speed, flexibility, timeliness, and dependability to their customers. Darby’s contributions led a turnaround in the company for a sustainable and profitable future. Darby led and supported JATEC Electric Ltd. by establishing, developing, and implementing human resources policies, structure, and practices that delivered higher performance, flexibility, and profitability. His strength is in the development of people and influencing organizational behavior. He improved performance through design and structure and shaped a culture of behavior to deliver superior value, adapt to a changing environment, and meet the demands for significant growth in Canada. He volunteers as a Board Chairperson for Seden Centre for Child Development and Wellness. This non-profit organization has over 25 professionals who provides a high-quality education for children in our community. Darby’s leadership and financial acumen has helped the organization create a positive impact on children and their families.

He established Veragon Consulting Ltd. with a purpose to use his education, experience, and abilities to make a difference and bring out the best in others. Darby Brewer embodies integrity. He is open to provide and receive honest feedback and will be resilient to get the job done!  With his continuous desire to learn, innovate, adapt and grow he is exactly what your company needs.



Darby  Brewer, MBA

President of Veragon Consulting Ltd.

"Providing solid business solutions for your company to advance in today’s market."